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    VSR + Eyefinity + Crossfire frequency not stable ?


      Hi all,


      Here's my RIG :

      I7 3770k

      R9-290 Tri-x Crossfire

      power supply : antec 900W

      Win 10

      Resolution : 6000x1920 (5 screens)

      With VSR : 8000x2560


      Usually in games, my both frequency of cards is 1000 MHZ when I set no vsr.

      No stutter, good performance


      When I set VSR the both frequency is not stable, variable between 500 mhz and 999 MHZ



      Why they are not scaling to 1000 mhz ? Power problem ?


      Thank you all and have a good day !



      PS : WE NEED DOOOOOM CROSSFIRE PROFILE lol, let's go create it pls !!!