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Microsoft will adjust malware-like upgrade policy for Windows 10 following outcry

Question asked by kingfish on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by black_zion

For most of the past year, Microsoft has largely refused to change controversial Windows 10 policies, no matter how unhappy a vocal minority of users were over the company’s new strategy. Telemetry tracking, mandatory updates that combine security and non-security features, and the company’s insistence on an increasingly pushy Windows 10 upgrade schedule have all been impervious to consumer demands, though it did modify a plan to kill Skylake support for Windows 7 just 18 months after the platform launched and it did start handing out patch notes.

Earlier this week, we reported how Microsoft’s latest change to Windows 10’s upgrade policies turned the OS into borderline malware and resulted in thousands of customers crying foul as they were unexpectedly upgraded to Windows 10 without realizing they’d provided consent for the process. The hue and cry that went up in the wake of the change has apparently clued Microsoft in to the idea that there are limits to what consumers are willing to accept — and that forcing people to use an operating system by deliberately using dark patterns to exploit their understanding of how to opt out of an upgrade might just be a bad idea in the long run.


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