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Crossfire audio AND video pausing / stutter occurring and running a Hyper V or virtual machine a USB headset with surround?  Look no further for the fix.

Question asked by lakesideguy on May 26, 2016

AMD and all,


After a very long month of fighting a horrible issue with this USB headset the new Logitech Artemis G series headsets (exsists in previous headsets) there was a very bad problem of audio and video pausing (stutter) every second or so.


Look at this youtube below and if this is your issue then more than likely you are a fighting a copyright protection problem in Windows.

lakesideguy's Alien Isolation audio and video stutter R285 crossfire with Logitech G633 headset - YouTube


You will only see this problem if a few things are true about your system:

1)  You are running a HYPER V client

2)  You are running a dual card configuration such as myself (in this case R285 crossfire)

3) A USB headset with the Dolby or DTS surround effects ON and ENABLED


By simply unplugging the headset you'll find the problem just goes away immediately.  Plug it back in the problem comes back.

You won't see this problem in non copyrighted materials.  Only copyrighted material such as a blu ray movie, dvd, gaming, or any

material with HDCP protection as well.


Now, what I'm not sure I'm understanding is WHY CROSSFIRE only?   That I cannot answer  hopefully AMDMATT can or find out.

Now this problem I've invested countless hours , days, weeks.   I even tried swapping the motherboard out, moving the video cards,

trying other USB headset, RMA'ing the headset,    The one thing that remained common is HYPER V was enabled.


To fix this problem it's really really easy.

Right click the start window in the lower left and go to programs and features.

Uncheck and disable HYPER V.   Reboot enjoy your surround on your USB headset in CROSSFIRE mode with zero issues.

No crackling, no pop, no stuttering.


I'm not sure what the problem is with CROSSFIRE and Hyper V but it's not a happy  marriage and it locks out any other

licensed products from running.    The stutter of audio and video pausing will disappear if you go back to single card mode, however.

But thats not really a solution.  This is a solution and it does work around it.   You will also get this problem with other applications

as well with Hyper V enabled along with CROSSFIRE.    AMD please sticky this as a solution and fix it if all possible.  It also breaks

Cyberlink POWERDVD Ultra 15.