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    supplied parameter invalid


      i'm running a AMD Radeon HD 5700 on a W7 desktop, currently rocking a driver chosen at random by windows ("AMD 760G", refuses to give any more information)


      so this is just another step in a long and depressing saga of trying to update my display driver, which has taken me from a fully functional computer to drivers from 2009.


           Hoping to play Overwatch, i decided to update my display drivers to their last legacy model. i downloaded both the beta 'crimson 16.2.1' and the last stable 'catalyst 15.7.1' off AMD's site and received the same error with both - supplied parameter invalid. there's only incomplete and unanswered results in forums about this, besides "make sure the last driver is uninstalled" - so i downloaded display driver uninstaller to see if i has somehow only partially deleted the previous ones. booted in safe mode, wiped the driver, booted normally, ran both programs again - supplied parameter is invalid.


           so i downloaded the driver i had before this mess all began - '11.7'. it now gives me the same message, and windows has slapped a new driver onto it that isn't even radeon. All my games (league of legends, SF4/5, any steam game really) no longer function, and i can't seem to install any driver software in any way, shape, or form, because somewhere a 'supplied parameter is invalid'. To be completely honest, i don't even know what that means, and even if i did i'd be at a loss anyhow. any idea where to even begin here?


      including dxdiag and msinfo for the morbidly curious, i guess whatever might help : x

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          as an update - i tried a bunch of general cleanup on advice of blizzard support before they gave up on my ticket because its out of their jurisdiction -


          - power cycling modem and router

          - selective startup disk scans, defrags, and system file checks to look for ruined windows files

          - malware scans

          - AMD clean uninstall (windows auto-reinstalls the amd 760 driver the moment anything uninstalls)


          in their words, "you have the AMD 5750 which is about the same as the base card required to play the game. This is not the problem though , the problem is that the driver installed in all cases is the base Bios Video card driver based off your MSI board."


          in the end, my computer still thinks "11.7" is the most updated driver available, and with AMD's drivers in an installer package that keeps mysteriously failing through "supplied parameter is invalid", i don't have any way of directly updating through device manager, so i'm left stranded in more ways than one.

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              somewhere the world's tiniest violin plays a tune of desolation

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                  You would need to disable your onboard graphics via the motherboard BIOS as that is being used instead of your PCIe card.  The onboard 760G graphics uses a HD 3xxx series GPU which is older than your PCIe card.


                  You did have the latest driver (15.7.1) for your 5700 card before you tried updating by the way as those are now legacy products and no longer supported in drivers newer than that one.  Those drivers do not support the onboard graphics chipset which is older still.  The last drivers for those was the 13.9 drivers.

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