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Doom 2016 Game Recording Issue

Question asked by j4mmy on May 26, 2016

     This will be a little difficult for me to explain, however I will try my best.  I am playing the new Doom game, and am also trying to record it.  However, no matter what recording software I use, the video screws up.  When the recording is initiated the first image captured by the software is the only image that appears throughout the video.  The image also flickers black rapidly, while both audio files (I record microphone into a separate track) are playing without a problem.  If this is something you are able to fix, then I'll be looking forward to it.  Thank you for your time. 


     P.S the recording softwares I used are Dxtory, Action! Replay, and PlayClaw 5.  I have not attempted Bandicam yet, but I will soon.  I tried to record Doom in fullscreen, and windowed-borderless and have received the same result on all recorders.