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1024x768 low resolution on amd hd 6670

Question asked by dexpot on May 26, 2016

Hello guys, i'm trying to resolve a problem. I switch from w7 to w10 and now i got graphics problem at the start. When i start my computer it may display "input not support". Before (on w7) i gotted 1080x1920 and now 1024x768 (60Hz). I can't choose 1080x1920 anymore cause it don't appear. Also i have a problem with my motherboard which reads only 4Go of lively memory on 8. My graphic card, AMD HD 6670, is 5 years old but still works.


I used to have graphics problems solved by clicking "detect" on the advanced display settings and choosing the right resolution that i can't do, i doesn't work anymore. I already download the earlier version of graphics driver adapted for my GC but nothing changed. I also tried to launch again and again my computer with "low resolution launcher" to try to get back to the main resolution.... nothing works.


I'm pretty lost now cause i'm not a genius in this domain. I hope anyone could find an answer (sorry, i'm french so my english may be=>is bad)


Thank you


(ask me anything if i forget give any information)


i run with i3-2100 3.10 GHz

4 Go ram (in fact 8 Go but only 4 reads by my motherboard)

AMD radeon HD 6670

motherboard ASUS P8Z68-VLX


(i bought all of it 5 years ago)