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Hitman (tm) 2016 stopped working

Question asked by hauzer on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by hauzer

Im using AMD R9 290X card and trying to play new hitman series. BUT. every 5 minutes i get crash to desctop with next: hitman stopped working.

The thing hides in the latest drivers since 16 series.  Crimson driver still has this problem and the game still crashes. Im not the only one with it.

U guys can easyly scan steam tech support forums and there s a lot of same threads about this bug with your drivers.


So now, to be able play hitman 2016 i instaled 15.3 drivers =) and the do work! but the visual bugs are awfull...

PLEASE respond to this, because it is about 3 months from the release of hitman (btw your AMD title) and u cant do something about it. A lot of rage on the tech forums about your drivers...