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    Hitman (tm) 2016 stopped working


      Im using AMD R9 290X card and trying to play new hitman series. BUT. every 5 minutes i get crash to desctop with next: hitman stopped working.

      The thing hides in the latest drivers since 16 series.  Crimson driver still has this problem and the game still crashes. Im not the only one with it.

      U guys can easyly scan steam tech support forums and there s a lot of same threads about this bug with your drivers.


      So now, to be able play hitman 2016 i instaled 15.3 drivers =) and the do work! but the visual bugs are awfull...

      PLEASE respond to this, because it is about 3 months from the release of hitman (btw your AMD title) and u cant do something about it. A lot of rage on the tech forums about your drivers...

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          Personally I've played the game for 4 hours without issue on my R9 290X Win 10 X64 system.  The only crashes I saw were for DX12 and were fixed with a game patch a while ago.  There is one current issue where using a gun in DX12 causes most graphics to go invisible when indoors or viewing from a certain angle.  That issue is being investigated. DX11 however works quite happily without that problem.


          You would need to post your full system specs, OS and game settings.  Just saying it looks awful without posting a screenshot and describing the problem isn't very useful.

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              intel core i7 4770k/r9 290x/ 8 gb memory/ssd vertex/ win 8.1x64/ directx11/ u can serf the tech support part of the hitman in the steam community center, there is a lot of @game stopped working and etc@ and solution is that u have to delete your upd driver above 16. and return to 15.3 where u have graphic bugs and else, youtube can help.

              Personaly i dont have time for sreens and else, i just want the poblem solved and play the game.

              im very curious that u didnt now about these crashes ... search steam tech support of the game...

              i just found time too write it here, please run some search and ops u got the real problem, not only me have it