Some linux users here?

Discussion created by mtcos on May 27, 2016
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I'm curious how many of you use linux?

What distro and what games you play in linux?


Distro: OpenSUSE Leap

Games:  UrbanTerror

Steam: Tomb Raider 2013, Race the Sun, Sid Meier's CIV V, Medieval II: Total War, Insurgency, Empire: Total War, Dead Island

GOG: The Witcher 2, The Witcher 1 (wine), Prince of Persia all (wine, gampad xbox360), Legacy of Kaine all (wine gamepad xbox 360), Trine (all), Shadow Warrior (2013)


I decided to update what I play, and is only OS on my system. Those old games were going well especially in WINE, goes well gampad xbox 360 without rumble.
Games I still do not recommend VM



Sorry for google translate.