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    Some linux users here?



      I'm curious how many of you use linux?

      What distro and what games you play in linux?


      Distro: OpenSUSE Leap

      Games:  UrbanTerror

      Steam: Tomb Raider 2013, Race the Sun, Sid Meier's CIV V, Medieval II: Total War, Insurgency, Empire: Total War, Dead Island

      GOG: The Witcher 2, The Witcher 1 (wine), Prince of Persia all (wine, gampad xbox360), Legacy of Kaine all (wine gamepad xbox 360), Trine (all), Shadow Warrior (2013)


      I decided to update what I play, and is only OS on my system. Those old games were going well especially in WINE, goes well gampad xbox 360 without rumble.
      Games I still do not recommend VM



      Sorry for google translate.

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          Hello follow Linux enthusiast.


          I use Linux Mint XFCE Edition on my old AMD Phenom X3 8350 / NVidia GT 240 machine. My green video card is more a case of practicality than ideology. Although to be fair I have to say that it was my first true video card and as such I'm still very fond of it.


          Because of the video cards age I mostly stick to simple or older games when playing on it. This is far from a comprehensive list, but these are the games that spring to mind: Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, Frozen Synapse, Faster Than Light, Little Inferno, Out There Ω Edition, Portal 1&2, Space Run and World of Goo.


          While I primarily game on a Windows machine I still love Linux and hope to see the gaming community continue to grow and evolve.

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            From time to time I use ubuntu for college proposes, I like to game on Windows in a normal basis and for everyday use. You should make a poll to see how is the community into linux.

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                I can make polls for y'all! What question would you like and what are the choices you would like to see?

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                    I think that the question could be:


                    Which Linux distributions are currently used by the AMD community:

                    1. Ubuntu
                    2. Mint
                    3. Fedora
                    4. OpenSUSE
                    5. SteamOS
                    6. Other (Reply on comment section).

                    And if you game on one of those, what are your currently playing.

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                      and what driver you use.


                      this should do some nice statistics.


                      i use fglrx.

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                        erin.maiorino That could be interesting. I would love to see what other community members are using. Maybe it would even show me some awesome new Linux distro.


                        About he choices, I would probably add Arch linux (more associated with programmers but still...) since it belongs to the popular ones. You could check http://distrowatch.com/ to see list of most popular Linux distributions in various time spans.


                        jamesc359 I read that it is possible to achieve something around 95-98% of native performance in VM. I even saw some futuremark benchmarks likns proving that but I don't know if it's true. Anyway it that would be plain awesome. I guess I am going to play with it when I build my machine, my current CPU does not even support virtualization.

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                      Hi mtcos, I also enjoy company of Linux. I tried many distros (even very very lightweight ones) and most of them are plain awesome. My favorite distro is Ubuntu with Unity.


                      About the games that is pretty simple answer. None. My current hardware is not capable of running modern games (hope to change that with upcomming AMD products).

                      But even if I had the hardware I would not have the time. Currently the only thing I can do is to visit the forum for a few minutes... I use to enjoy playing Team Fortress 2 and I would probably play some of it if I can find some free time for it. That even runs well on my ancient workstation.


                      jamesc359 cheers. Did you tried to run it in a virtual machine? I want to try to run Win from my Linux box as a virtual machine and game on in from time to time. Or at least I was thinking about it, don't know about the performance in a VM.

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                        i use Ubuntu on my servers and Lubuntu (LXDE) on my laptops/desktops - simple as hell and works well AND LTS

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                          I'm using openSUSE for a few years now (currently at 13.2), have used Ubuntu before. I play CS:GO sometimes, and have started Bioshock Infinite and Half-Life 2, also some puzzle games, but don't have much time. My R7 260X handles everything I play, though I couldn't start some titles (Witcher 2, Psychonauts). It's not so big issue, since I also use Windows, but that is not so convinient for linux users. I use fglrx drivers, but I like the way AMD is taking on open source

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                            Zorin mainly.  Most of the time I use it for advanced data retrival an troubleshooting.

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                              Ubuntu and I use Windows only for exclusive or games that run so badly on Linux there is no choice...

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                                I ran Mint exclusively for years on an old HP Elitebook. Dabbled with Ubuntu, but switched when they changed the desktop (laptop wasn't powerful enough for the new features). Not sure where I fit in the Cinnamon/Mate split, when I finally get around to it I want to install and setup Arch (or maybe ArchBang) to familiarize myself with the inner workings more.

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                                  Well, I'm a Linux user mainly running Fedora on my servers at home and work with RHEL for my job. I don't run them with any AMD products, however.

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                                    I use Mint Linux KDE version.  I am running a Ryzen 1800x with a AMD RX480 graphics card.  Right now I am using the default driver that comes with Mint 18.2 but trying to get the amdgpu-pro driver installed so I can start developing software using Vulkan.  Games I play in Mint now are:  Wurm Unlimited, 7 Days to Die, ARK Survival, and Golf with friends.  All steam games ported to linux.  I have gotten eve online working with their Linux eve launcher and working to get WoW and Dark Age of Camelot working with wine.  Once I get more time and setup I am going to start a twitch stream showcasing gaming in Linux.

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                                      ubuntu - on my servers and my homeserver/rescue/datagrave