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    Radeon 6970M Windows7 Imac 2011 new drivers


      Hi all!

      My configuration is:

      • Imac 2011
      • Intel i5-2400 3,10Ghz
      • AMD Radeon HD6970M
      • Windows7


      Some new games (like Battlefield or Overwatc) require a fresh video drivers. My version of video driver is 14.301.1010.0 (date is 01.11.2014).

      Please, tell me, is it possible to get newer driver? I tried to download and install

      from here Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers .


      Supported systems in the description:

      Supported Systems:

      • iMac (2007+)


      But when i installed it, my computer came slow and maximum resolution was 1920*1080 instead my common maximum resolution 2560*1440.

      Therefore i deleted Catalyst2015 and reinstalled 2014 year.


      1. Is it correct behavior? Does Imac2007+ category include Imac2011?? Please, help me! Because i want newer driver for my games )

      2. Btw, when im playing a game, my maximum video dedicated memory is 700Mb, so i have additional 300mb or not? Because sometime i have bad fps but if my video 1GB why it dedicates near 700Mb maximum? I got dump from GPU-Z.0.8.7 tool.