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AMD FreeSync Greyed out

Question asked by danielrchargers on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by catacombs

Hello i am running an Asus Radeon R9280x and just got a G2460PF AOC Freesync Monitor.


I installed the Monitors driver from the install disc but am unable to access FreeSync in the AMD Radeon Settings. (Driver


I tried to call AOC customer support for help but i got no answer.


My OSD setup screen is really bare too.

This is all there is:

Lang.Timeout.DP comp(1.2).H&V position.Transparence and Break Reminder.


I even unplugged the DP cable from my GPU and reset my PC but still the FreeSync option is Greyed out.


Anyone have any ideas?





EDIT: GREAT just found some news that newer GPU's arent FreeSync compatible... uhh. Cool i guess... Even though the AMD website says all R9200 series are capable.