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    Crossfire Option Not Showing Up Even Though Everything Is Put In Correctly.


      So as the title says; I recently put in two r9 380's into my H97+ motherboard (which is crossfire ready) and installed the drivers and well...no way to actually activate crossfire.

      Every single guide I see is saying there should be an option under the global settings in the gaming tab yet nothing is there. Both GPU's are recognized and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling about a dozen times (literally). What is going on here? I have even tried finding one of the older versions of the drivers and could not find a single one. Is AMD just making it impossible to crossfire now? What the hell is going on here!

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          I have had this issue twice in 2 days, 1st time I stumbled across a piece advising to.....

          1) D/L new copy of the drivers.

          2) Run the installer but select "express uninstall" & reboot.

          3) Shut down and remove the 2nd GPU.

          4) Restart, re-install drivers & reboot.

          5) Shut down and re-install 2nd GPU.

          6) Restart and Crossfire had returned to global settings.


          In my case windows failed to pick up the 2nd card in device manager on both occasions but, I wonder it it's the same root cause in both cases? could be worth a try though......


          I also remember there was an issue with AMD cards requiring a microsoft fixit solution or regedit of TDR delay times as if the driver hung for too long it could cause random freezes and shutdowns.


          Gonna try both of the above again and shout if it fixes my issue...

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              OK had success


              I followed the steps above and uninstalled current drivers, removed 2nd 290X, rebooted and re-installed (16.3.2), rebooted shut down and reinstall 2nd card. no crossfire option in global settings.


              Shutdown and removed 2nd card Installed Hotfix (16.7.2) rebooted, shutdown and reinstall 2nd card TAADAAAAAaaa!! crossfire has reappeared!!....


              I also checked up on the other thing I mentioned and this thread covers it perfectly ( Windows 10 - Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered - - Microsoft Community ), Windows has a set time for a GPU driver to recover from a freeze The regedit extends this time within windows and stops the masses of random shutdowns and freezes BSOD's in the past but it keeps getting reset by a fresh driver install DUUUuuhhhh Why?


              So in future new drivers out? I'm just gonna remove the 2nd GPU before I install em and check the regedit hasn't been removed afterwards.....


              If this proves to be the case might wanna sticky this thread as it seems several issues are happening because of this win 10 GPU delay time being "reset", that causes an overheat or freeze and driver corruption requiring some simplish steps to fix.....


              Hope this lot helps you out too

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