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16.5.3 broke my system..

Question asked by yasutoko on May 25, 2016
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I've updated my system from to 16.5.3, never had issues up untill now with updating drivers.

My system :


i7 6700k

R9 390

16 Gb ram @ 2400mhz



Since the update, i cannot, for the love of god, get this to run smoothly or properly, ive been experiencing flickering when watching movies on YouTube or where there are movies embedded in a site, even to the point that everything started to flicker so much, it gave me a black screen for a few seconds, and i got spammed by messages that the drivers have crashed and recovered.

So i tried uninstalling the drivers, but that gave me a black screen and i had to hard reset my pc..


After the hard reset, the AMD was still present , so i tried uninstalling it again and that gave me a message that there was no source found, and it vanished without a trace, so after that i ran CCleaner to check if it was still there in the system, which couldnt find anything anymore, then i cleaned the rest up with DDC in safe mode, and wanted to install again which was a driver that worked for me, it didnt install, it failed on the display driver, so did the same proccess again, CC and DDC, and downloaded the 16.5.2 driver, installed correctly, came into windows, and the flickering was again there.. I hope for the love of god that this did not fry my GPU, but i cant believe it did, since when everything is uninstalled, and its running on basic display drivers, i can view movies without the flickering.. Please.. What can I do? I just got this pc for a month now, and eventhough everyone told me , dont go for AMD, i still want to believe i did a good thing on buying the card..