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    gpu fan don't run fast enough


      My gpu is powercolor 7870 ghz. About two-three weeks ago I updated from driver 15.7 to 16.4 or 16.5 can't remember it was when the newest call of duty was free for the weekend on steam. I wanted to try new drivers to see if I could get more fps in game. After downloading the newer drivers I started noticing my gpu getting hotter and also my gpu fan was running slower. I've since went back to driver 15.7 and yet still have same problem, my gpu before would never get above 75c even when ambient room temp was around 80-85f also my gpu fan will not spin untill I manually set it to 90% or on auto pretty much when it feels like it sometimes when gpu is around 50c and even then its really slow and during games it doesn't register it going any more then around 500-600 rpm while temps go up to 70-80c while running some games it hits 90c and fan is still barely spinning certainly nowhere near what 90% manual speed is which is around 3800 rpm. I've spent the past weeks troubleshooting the problem everything from rolling back drivers to cleaning out gpu shroud, replacing thermal paste even applying new oil to the fan shaft. Most recently the past few days I've reformated my pc trying drivers 15.7,16.4 and even the newest one and still same problem. Any help would be appreciated, this is the first time in the three and a half years I've owned this gpu I've encounterd this problem or really any problem with AMD gpu drivers.