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    PC has grey screen crash once AMD drivers are installed


      First post, so I'll try and get all relevant info in here for you.


      GPU - AMD R7 200 Series (Not sure of the specific model)


      Windows 10 64 bit

      Driver installed - Radeon Software Crimson (issue occurs with any version)

      Display - BENQ monitor connected via HDMI to GPU

      Motherboard - Gigabyte BM150-D3H

      CPU - I5-6600

      RAM- 32GB DDR4


      I have recently built a new computer as my previous one was constantly crashing with a (usually) grey screen with vertical lines.

      I initially suspected a dying GPU, so I replaced the card with the above mentioned card. The issue continued, so I suspected it might be another part slowly dying on me.

      I eventually grew tired of the constant crashing (95% of the crashes weren't when gaming, but when using an internet browser) and built a new PC.

      The only part I used from the old PC was the GPU, as I didn't want to buy a new card with the next gen cards just around the corner.

      Alas, the same grey screen crash issue continues, so I am right to assume that the issue is GPU related. I have now uninstalled the AMD drivers and am using generic Windows display drivers, and the issue has ceased, but now I can't play games, which is generally what I want to uss the computer for.

      It seems that the problem only occurs whenever I install AMD drivers. When I run the generic drivers, I still have my monitor connected to the GPU and not the mobo.

      Is this an issue that is quite common and easy to fix? I would like to be able to continue to use this card as it is quite new still.