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PC has grey screen crash once AMD drivers are installed

Question asked by dannerz on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by dannerz

First post, so I'll try and get all relevant info in here for you.


GPU - AMD R7 200 Series (Not sure of the specific model)


Windows 10 64 bit

Driver installed - Radeon Software Crimson (issue occurs with any version)

Display - BENQ monitor connected via HDMI to GPU

Motherboard - Gigabyte BM150-D3H

CPU - I5-6600



I have recently built a new computer as my previous one was constantly crashing with a (usually) grey screen with vertical lines.

I initially suspected a dying GPU, so I replaced the card with the above mentioned card. The issue continued, so I suspected it might be another part slowly dying on me.

I eventually grew tired of the constant crashing (95% of the crashes weren't when gaming, but when using an internet browser) and built a new PC.

The only part I used from the old PC was the GPU, as I didn't want to buy a new card with the next gen cards just around the corner.

Alas, the same grey screen crash issue continues, so I am right to assume that the issue is GPU related. I have now uninstalled the AMD drivers and am using generic Windows display drivers, and the issue has ceased, but now I can't play games, which is generally what I want to uss the computer for.

It seems that the problem only occurs whenever I install AMD drivers. When I run the generic drivers, I still have my monitor connected to the GPU and not the mobo.

Is this an issue that is quite common and easy to fix? I would like to be able to continue to use this card as it is quite new still.