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R9 390x Stutter 16.5.3 Crimson

Question asked by jakslap on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by jakslap

Hey Guys;


i recently upgraded to R9 390x and so far really enjoying it, however i am experiencing several stuttering issues in many games such as battlefield 4 and others. i did a google search and found another users having the same problem but no solution. i am getting high FPS also.


Does anyone know how to fix this.

s far i tried this, unparking CPU cores,

trying different drivers 16.5.2 and 16.3.2,

power settings on high,

AMD power setting on +50


Please help


System Spec;

i5 4690k

8gb ram

512 ssd

ASUS Strix r9 390x

750w Psu