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Crimson driver uninstalls itslef on update

Question asked by forcellrus on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by kingfish

As the title says, whenever I update drivers, AMD Radeon Settings (Crimson software) uninstalls itself. When I boot PC I notice that AMD Radeon Settings is missing from tray and when I want to launch shortcut from start menu it says it doesn't exist, also Windows boots for 1 min longer when AMD Radeon Settings are gone. After Windows boot logo screen just remains black and then I get logged on after 1 min normally. Drivers remain installed but settings don't because whenever I want to reinstall drivers with Auto Detect Utility it says that it's already installed. Also when I uninstall drivers using Control Panel it deletes everything but not the display drivers itself, I need to delete 'em manually using Device Manager and File Explorer. It's pain in the *** to reinstall drivers with broken updater. I can't update drivers because it always deletes AMD Radeon Settings. Help me.