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    Screen goes black, then PC reboots


      Since the last 3 updates of the ATI driver, I've been experiencing several crashes while in game, on the desktop, Chrome, etc.

      My screen will turn black,  I can hear what's happening in the background, and a few seconds later I'll hear the sound crash, and then the PC reboots.

      Three updates ago, the sympton would be the same, but before the reboot I could see a bluescreen with info about the Display Driver needed to be reset (tried to get a log from the bluescreen, but couldnt).

      I already tested a clean install from the drivers and it didnt help at all.


      GPU: Sapphire Nitro R7 370 4Gb DDR5

      CPU: i5-4570S

      RAM: 1x8Gb DDR3

      MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

      Windows 7 64-bit

      NOX Urano 700W