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Crimson : there is an update, can't install it

Question asked by gastaka on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by kingfish



Got a radeon HD 5850 running on win 7 x64.


The Crimson radeon interface tells me there is an update, when i go in the update screen i got this :


From left to right in english : installed now / new / new / check for update


If i install one of the two new (why the older one is in beta and the new one not in beta ?) it asks me if i want to close crimson readon setting and proceed to install the new driver, i check yes, then or it does install them or it just do nothing and i can't launch crimson again if i don't reboot or kill the cnet.exe process.


Once it says it's installed and i have to reboot computer now or later, i check now, it reboots and... EVERYTHING IS THE SAME.


Got the same crimson with the same version and the same update message.


Are those software update avaliable for me or not ? the website keeps telling me that last one are the download/installed 15.3. But if they are not compatible why does it keeps bothering me with update and what is it installing ????????