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newest Crimson drivers hosed my system.  Please HELP, I'm dead in the water right now

Question asked by mjf6866 on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by black_zion

my system:

i7 6770k @4.0ghz


MSI Radeon R9 390

MSI Gaming Mobo

Windows 10 64-bit

Samsung 250gb SSD


what i did:

was running with no problems whatsoever until I installed 16.5.3 and launched Doom.  The game crashed to blank black screen and I had to do a hard shut down.  when I got back to my desktop, I had some strange flickering and distortion on my screen then I got messages about the Radeon settings not working and the Qt5Core.dll file is missing.


I then uninstalled the drivers and also tried using the AMD uninstall tool and put back on but the problem still is there


I then went back to 15.x.x (whatever was on the CD that came with my card) and it worked, but obviously it runs Doom like crap along with an annoying stutter with everything else.  As soon as I go back up to the newest Crimson drivers, I get the distortion, flickering and black screens.


Please help!