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    AMD Android TV


      I wasn't sure where to post this but I figured here would do. I believe AMD should enter the Android TV market. Google initially created the Nexus Player as a proof of concept of what can be done (the way Google normally does things). The Nexus player was light weight both literally and in the way of performance. It had become hard to find at retailers and was out of stock on the Google Store for ages. It listing on the Google Store has now officially been removed, and while there are a handful of no-name players on the market the only real Android TV device is now the Nvidia Shield and admittedly by the specs its a heavy weight. Able to output at 4k and run all the latest app with out breaking a sweat and a large storage capacity.


      With the FCC ruling a month or so back against TV providers. While I can't remember exactly what it said the jist of it was that cable providers had to open up their encryption to 3rd part set top boxes so that customer could choose their own set top or bring an existing one. This opens the door to newer greater things like the HD Home Run Prime does in the say of an internet ready tuner (allowing IoT devices to tune TV channels. A feature that would be perfect for something in the Android TV market. AMD makes SoC, processors, video processor, storage and memory, AMD could build a full (or near full) AMD equivalent of an Nvidia Shield and we faithful folk could have powerful Android TV without having 'green' in your houses.

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          My rig with an AMD FX-8350 & AMD R7-360 is already a TV box due to TWC's Viewing App.  16gb of RAM makes breezing through the menus a dream!   Pretty much most of the providers allow you an app for tv viewing so you can use your AMD powerhouse to do so! 


          Hope that helps!  Any questions feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer them.

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            Oh for sure you can build a nice Windows (possibly Linux build) using all AMD parts and it will surely be a beast. But at what cost. I was thinking a $100-$200 price ranged system and while I know the powerhouse could do so much more I am partial to the idea of something in the Android ecosystem. I am an app developer if that sheds any light on the my being partial. It was just a thought.


            Also I have TWC and I had no idea they have an app. Surely it can't be any worse than their boxes. We had cable direct to the TV and it was gorgeous, then they started requiring use to have boxes and the image quality went down the drain. Of course this has now also rendered our TV's build in QAM tuner useless.

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              I like the idea johnweland.  I am a fan of Google and Android devices.  I love my Chromecast that I got about 3-4 years ago.  Works just the way I need it.  If AMD built one that did what I wanted at the price I want, I would most likely purchase.

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                  If I had a better grasp on PCB design and electronics I would draft out a prototype. I mean essentially it gets broken down into the following areas












                  Memory and storage we don't need to enclosures and separate PCBs unless we wanted to keep it modular. If we sacrifice modularity for compactness the chips themselves could share a common PCB. The CPU and GPU could be combined with the use of an APU for the sake of space a mobile APU. Connectivity, we could go the same route as the Pi and through it on the USB bus, but  I would suggest against that & have a proper bus for WiFi / BTle. for the sake of space we could still have an RJ45 although use one of the collapsible ports the likes of which you can see here. I/O USB 3.0/3.1 maybe 2 type-A ports & a type-C the set of 3 would still take up little space. Power is rather simple, and could still be run form a barrel connector type wall-wart (like the Nexus Player uses) without the need for a hefty PSU. The only two factors to consider is heat generated from an mobile class APU and manufacturing cost. I could not produce such a product more than maybe a one off due to cost but AMD has connections they could roll this out with bulk pricing on parts and sell this thing for between that $100-$200 price point.


                  Cost of parts I could crank one out for about that cost maybe a hair more, hell I have most the components in my bins at home (Molex likes to send me random samples).