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AMD Android TV

Question asked by johnweland on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by johnweland

I wasn't sure where to post this but I figured here would do. I believe AMD should enter the Android TV market. Google initially created the Nexus Player as a proof of concept of what can be done (the way Google normally does things). The Nexus player was light weight both literally and in the way of performance. It had become hard to find at retailers and was out of stock on the Google Store for ages. It listing on the Google Store has now officially been removed, and while there are a handful of no-name players on the market the only real Android TV device is now the Nvidia Shield and admittedly by the specs its a heavy weight. Able to output at 4k and run all the latest app with out breaking a sweat and a large storage capacity.


With the FCC ruling a month or so back against TV providers. While I can't remember exactly what it said the jist of it was that cable providers had to open up their encryption to 3rd part set top boxes so that customer could choose their own set top or bring an existing one. This opens the door to newer greater things like the HD Home Run Prime does in the say of an internet ready tuner (allowing IoT devices to tune TV channels. A feature that would be perfect for something in the Android TV market. AMD makes SoC, processors, video processor, storage and memory, AMD could build a full (or near full) AMD equivalent of an Nvidia Shield and we faithful folk could have powerful Android TV without having 'green' in your houses.