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Win10 blurred text after updating drivers

Question asked by waveborn on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by waveborn

Hello everyone, I have an issue about some incompatibility with my system and AMD drivers.

The thing is: Windows 10 updates AMD drivers by download center but only the 15.11 version, it works good and have no prob. So when I try to uninstall them by DDU and install new ver. (I tried really many versions) all the applications, browsers and games have problems with text, even the AMD settings.


I have not good monitor resolution 1280x1024 but it's okay for me, however the system scaling is 100%. Also with these problems I have bad GPU usage, it changes from 0 to 100% but often just 0% usage even in the games like Ori and the Blind forest and many others. And because of it the game process have many lags and freezes, black screens. My card is Radeon R9 380 4gb. Maybe it's something like conflict? I have all the Visual C, last Net. Framework and etc on my PC and just don't get what happens.

Excuse me for my bad English but I hope I can get here all the answers. Thanks.