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Windows 10 not responding Unhappy with processor and graphics card

Question asked by jonofthedead81 on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by teckem

Again I imagine that I am not the only one with this problem,
Just about every program I run crashes of freezes. I try and updating the
driver software for the AMD graphics card and the other products this is
ironically speaking "Gaming PC" and there is nothing. I try and seek
help here and anywhere else I can find support information for AMD, well nonexistent
information for Advanced Micro Devices.  At
this point I can’t see any game running on my PC. I know that it has to be
related to the AMD products. This because I never had these problems with the
prior machine I owned which was Intel based. The only solution on the forum
here or on the AMD website is the ridiculous “UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE”. I am
starting to feel like I was stupid to listen to others that own and swear by
AMD Processors and graphics cards. Is it just a gimmick because I don't see
otherwise, someone please prove me wrong. There is no help here when it comes
to answering a question I have spent weeks looking in vein and it is starting
to get very frustrating, because the only use at this point for my PC is a
thousand dollar paper weight. All that my PC will run is the web browser. I use
to enjoy doing things with 3D modeling software but I can’t run any of it on
the unstable platform governed by AMD. I am hoping that I am wrong but it
doesn't seem that way as of now.