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Battleborn and the 8350 fx

Question asked by slappingham on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by slappingham

Struggled to navigate this website and this be the first place I've found where I can actually write something.


As is the common consensus among users of the amd 8350 and various amd g/cards across many forums relative to Battleborn, we're having a pretty crappy time with that game. Performance is terrible and can't be adjusted by lowering the graphics which happens with around 50% of the new releases i buy.


I don't care about fancy graphics. I care about fps. Not being able to adjust graphics to increase fps is torture if I'm honest.


With battleborn, it only uses two cores of the 8350 where as far as I'm aware, the unreal engine 3 is capable of using 4?? That might not help.


Despite this, performance is what it is, jumping from 120fps to as low as 25fps with an average of 40fps on lowest settings  (which is below my monitors refresh rate). Forums are rife with this concern from people with many hardware configs, however it seems *all* AMD users are to some degree.


Ram usage doesn't exceed 3.5gb which is fine. One odd thing to note is that the cpu and gpu gets used more in the main menu and in lobbies than in the actual game. What the...?

Doom and overwatch seem to be high on your agenda for updates. Can battleborn get some love? Either that or once again I've wasted £40. Again lol. (Wouldn't be surprised of physx had a hands in this though, despite being turned off with maxparticledensity = 100)


Please look in to this?


P.S. I'd settle for a detailed explanation of why we often have this issue. Devs will never respond to AMD queries.