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    Multiple ATI FirePro™ 2460 Cards


      Madhatter Cubase setup.jpg


      I am an Electronic Music Producer and would like to both build and start marketing some of my own studio designs, Computer Hardware, Monitor Configurations, etc -- all designed to put maximum power at the fingertips of Musicians for a minimum price (face it, we are all broke, right?).


      The ATI FirePro 2460 will get me where I want to go, but my current design for one of the more Professional Music Production Software Packages would require 8 monitors -- three of which are touchscreens that need to be merged into a single virtual monitor where the Mixing Panel of the Software will reside so that the Producer can access a very large number of tracks at one time.


      So, I need a minimum of 2, possibly 3 of these cards in my systems (the original design has two "satellite monitors" on each side of a large central monitor -- depending on the complexity of the production, some Producers might desire an additional column of "satellite" monitors" on each side). 


      Cubase allows for TONS of Pop-Out Windows, so if you want to see the note editor and the virtual instrument (which enables sound modulation) at the same time and be able to quickly and easily tweak both elements, then you really need one screen for each item.  While the aforementioned 12 monitor design seems insane, it really isn't.  On pair of monitors for Notes & Instrument for Bassline, one each for two main Synthesizer Tracks, one for the Drum Track, the central monitor to keep up with the main software interface and then a three panel mixing board below.  That is "Minimal Techno".  You would not even want to think about an Orchestral Movie Score.


      I will be creating specs for various configurations including the video cards, monitors, stands, etc and attempting to sell them online, so I am hoping that the cards will work with any Win 7 or Win 8 system.


      Lastly, I need to know if the Eyefinity will work across multiple video cards or would I have to organize the system such that all monitors that might need to be combined are plugged into a single unit (i.e. I could arrange the 12 monitor system such that the 4 satellite monitors on each side were plugged into on card apiece and the mixing panel and central monitor into a third)?


      It's crazy, but it's fun.





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          Let me start with saying that I am not a 100% sure on anything I am about to say and I am only speaking from personal experience.
          Whenever I used Eyefinity in the past, the way it worked was by using all your monitors and turning them into one huge screen at the most appropriate resolution. While for gaming this is an ideal and best solution the issue is when you want to use your monitors for other types of software, like Photoshop or music recording software or video editing software. What happens is that all the windows that you open become stretched to the maximum resolution and you have to manually re-size them for each monitor, this is a cumbersome ordeal and takes too much time especially when one wrong move or drag of a window will mess up the alignment.

          Generally when I am dealing with multiple monitors and want to use them with software I end up extending the desktops through the built in windows option and then open each window of my software for each monitor then maximizing it, that way it sticks to that monitor and I don't have small little slivers of windows clipping from one monitor to another. The problem that you might run into with this is if your specific software doesn't allow you to split it into different windows, if that is the case then you have no option but to stretch everything onto one huge canvas.
          Hope this gives you a bit of a perspective on what you might or might not be able to do.



          Best of luck,


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            That is a pretty killer setup.  I also make/produce music at home.  I am using Reaper now but I know the feeling of wanting more monitors.  When I was using my laptop and had a second monitor, it worked for me because of how you can configure the look, feel and workflow of Reaper to work.  I am only at on 20" monitor now on my desktop and would love another or an ultra wide.  I currently don't have the desk space for 2 but might end up with a 24" HD monitor. 


            I have never used Cubase so I don't know exactly how things work compared to Reaper.  As far as Eyefinity, I am not certain if it will work across multiple cards.  I don't think it will at least that is how it was a couple years ago.  Not sure where the drivers have gone but I don't believe that is how the technology works.  Definitely want one card dedicated to the 3 touch panels to act as a mixer control panel (beats buying the Slate Raven), one for the other displays.  I think having 4 surrounding monitors is but excessive personally but I guess it will all depend on how many tracks you are working with at a time along with how many plugins and controls you need in constant view.