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Multiple ATI FirePro™ 2460 Cards

Question asked by statwerk on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by iamthesaga

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I am an Electronic Music Producer and would like to both build and start marketing some of my own studio designs, Computer Hardware, Monitor Configurations, etc -- all designed to put maximum power at the fingertips of Musicians for a minimum price (face it, we are all broke, right?).


The ATI FirePro 2460 will get me where I want to go, but my current design for one of the more Professional Music Production Software Packages would require 8 monitors -- three of which are touchscreens that need to be merged into a single virtual monitor where the Mixing Panel of the Software will reside so that the Producer can access a very large number of tracks at one time.


So, I need a minimum of 2, possibly 3 of these cards in my systems (the original design has two "satellite monitors" on each side of a large central monitor -- depending on the complexity of the production, some Producers might desire an additional column of "satellite" monitors" on each side). 


Cubase allows for TONS of Pop-Out Windows, so if you want to see the note editor and the virtual instrument (which enables sound modulation) at the same time and be able to quickly and easily tweak both elements, then you really need one screen for each item.  While the aforementioned 12 monitor design seems insane, it really isn't.  On pair of monitors for Notes & Instrument for Bassline, one each for two main Synthesizer Tracks, one for the Drum Track, the central monitor to keep up with the main software interface and then a three panel mixing board below.  That is "Minimal Techno".  You would not even want to think about an Orchestral Movie Score.


I will be creating specs for various configurations including the video cards, monitors, stands, etc and attempting to sell them online, so I am hoping that the cards will work with any Win 7 or Win 8 system.


Lastly, I need to know if the Eyefinity will work across multiple video cards or would I have to organize the system such that all monitors that might need to be combined are plugged into a single unit (i.e. I could arrange the 12 monitor system such that the 4 satellite monitors on each side were plugged into on card apiece and the mixing panel and central monitor into a third)?


It's crazy, but it's fun.