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    Confused about drivers?


      Hi all,


      I've got an MSI GX60 laptop with switchable graphics. A10-4600 processor with integrated 7660G graphics, and a Radeon HD 7970M. I'm currently still using CCC, but I'm confused about what drivers I should install (if any)? My real motivation is to be able to use Vulkan (for dota2) but I don't want to give up whatever power saving I get from the integrated card, or whatever performance/stability I'm getting in other games from the 7970. I've also read that the 7660 is now considered legacy, and not the 7970, so which driver package do I install? Does crimson still have issues with switchable graphics?


      Thanks in advance for any help  :-)

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          You can only install ONE version of the display drivers at any point in time. You cannot have one driver version for the integrated GPU and a different one for the discrete GPU.


          The HD7660G  has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product. More information available here.


          The latest Crimson driver for your system is 16.2.1 and is available here.

          The last Catalyst driver for your system is 15.11.1 Beta and is available here.


          Unfortunately because of your APU, you will not be able to use Vulkan as it is not supported on the HD7660G.

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              Thanks for the info, matt, that clears done things up.


              Will Vulkan (and new drivers) also not work on the dedicated card, the 7970?


              I have a system with switchable graphics, but your reply only addresses the integrated 7660 card, am I correct in understanding that because the 7660 does not support Vulkan, I cannot install drivers for the dedicated card that do?


              Thanks again, I hope you can understand my confusion about this issue.