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r9 290 crossifre not detected in windows. after upgrading drivers.

Question asked by alcononymous on May 24, 2016

Updated to the latest drivers for total war war hammer. Screen goes black... um ok... attempt to roll back.... nothing.

uninstall drivers reinstall old ones.. nothing.

repeat with even older....

still nothing...

the one in slot 2 is saying error 31 in device manager... the monitor is plugged into slot 1 card.......

how do i unbrick these things.

have used ddu. sfc. still just black screen and not detecting the cards once windows loads.

will remove one at a time tomorrow after work if i have time and try in others computers.


2x gigabyte r9 290 windforce.


asus z77 formula v

samsung 850 evo 1tb

16gb ram

seasonic 1250w platinum power supply