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Computer won't start with new Athlon X4 880k processor (swap with A8-6600k)

Question asked by damd on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by alexvrb

Windows 10 64-bit Desktop System:


Gigabyte GeForce GTX970 G1 4Gb Graphics Card

Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-HD2 Rev.3 Motherboard (Bios version FGa)

8Gb Ram (single strip)

700w AeroCool Integrator Power supply

Single DVI Monitor

1 x DVD and 2 x 1Tb HDD


When I remove the old A8-6600 processor (rated100W) and install the X4-880 (rated 95W) the computer will not start successfully. All bios settings are default.


I am now on the second new X4 processor (an exchange from the seller) and still have this problem, though this second processor is displaying subtly different ways of failing than the first one I had. It is broadly similar except that I did manage to get the system started into windows once or twice with the first X4 processor ( though it took endless restarts and always crashed in the end ) and I have not yet got this replacement processor to get that far.


This one usually gets to lighting the display and the bios splash (more frequently than the first one) but has never started windows yet (usually 0xc0000098 0xc0000428 for ntoskrnl.exe are the errors, even when trying to boot from the windows CD).

Sometimes it will say critical_startup_error (or something similar) then power off and on and then beep 4 times repeatedly (Real time clock malfunction) after which I have to completely power down the system by removing supply cable and holding power button for a while, for it will not even light the screen again at startup unless I do (the first one never displayed this specific behaviour).

Sometimes the bios will beep once (like it's supposed to on startup) but it will then pause and beep once again and then proceed to start until the blue screen comes shortly after the bios splash screen.

Sometimes it will beep 4 long low beeps followed immediately (they almost overlap!) by a higher tone 1 long and 3 short beeps (this one has me mystified) and the screen doesn't light.

Sometimes the case and contents light but the screen doesn't and nothing else happens, not even the single beep.

and often it will start but then BSOD's before getting very far.

I cannot boot from the windows CD or HDD


I have talked to Gigabyte, describing my system in minute detail and they say it should work! I have talked to e-buyer, where I bought the new processor, and they say it should work. They even agreed to send me this replacement processor, which is displaying almost identical behaviour to the first.


When I put the old A8 back in, normality is restored and it all works perfectly first time, every time!


Please is there someone out there who can help shed some light on this issue?