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limited displayport bandwidth

Question asked by nemesischanter on May 24, 2016

Today i hooked my rig up to a friends multi-monitor setup. The setup consist of 3 hdmi acer 1080p panels through a Club 3D MST hub that connects via Displayport to the pc.

now on his rig he had no problem with bandwidth but with my rig i was limited to 10.63gps of bandwidth (via displayport diagnostics) and only able to drive two monitors through the hub.


So my question is why is he able to run all 3 monitors on a 7950 gpu with twice the bandwidth but i am limited to just two on a r9 290x at 10.6gbs.

i thought the display port for the r9 290x is 1.2 so i should have at least 17gps of bandwidth for displayport if not more.



CPU FX9590

MOBO Gigabyte 990fxa-UD3 Rev 4

Ram Corsair Vengence (4x4)

Gpu 2x R9 290x

Powersupply XFX 1050

SSD Corsair 250g