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    Update has ruined my PC




      *First of all, I am getting real tired of monkeys at AMD shifting out useless updates that cause more problems then they solve. What's even worse is that you can't simply install them, as everytime you do that you'll probably get BSOD or just a plain black screen as the software is unable to overwrite the previous version. Some might say 'Well why didn't you uninstall first?' Because I shouldn't need to! And even when I do, there are always leftover files and trails in regedit which is a pain to manually cleanse. I have found a software which softens the inconvenience AMD continues to bring to the experience, by allowing me to clean uninstall from Safe Mode, but once again, I shouldn't need to do this. The software should be capable of upgrading itself without any further aid.*




      I am stuck in an endless loop of BSOD after attempting to update the software. I am actually writing this of my phone, as I literally can't get past it... Can't even access Safe Mode or any other alternatives. The code is: 0xc0000221 and all the other forums out there suggest I go into Safe Mode and start from there - which is something I am unable to do. For the record, it's a self build PC, so I cannot give model numbers or contact the manufacturer, and this might be the last resort before having to take it to a specialist. Was hoping someone here was experienced in this matter and could help.


      Thanks in advance

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          You can try to let the system boot without a graphics card first and then download the drivers from amd's website, then when finished downloading, wipe the system clean off any drivers and then turn off your pc and insert your graphics card, when your computer has booted, try installing that driver you just downloaded.

          Hope this fixes your issue.

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