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Radeon R7 370 Crashing?

Question asked by fearreaper9 on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by peteinny


  • GPU: (Gigabyte) Radeon R7 370
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3340 3.10GHz
  • PSU: ATX-CB700W
  • RAM: 12 GB

So, for Christmas, I got a new PSU and a new GPU (unfortunately my CPU is stuck to the motherboard... thanks Dell), but it wasn't all great. Despite finally able to run games anywhere above the lowest graphics settings, I started encountering problems that are even worse than bad graphics: my PC crashing. At first it only crashed with MGSV back from when I got it to about mid-to-late January, when I uninstalled and re-installed my drivers. The reason my PC gave for the crashes (when my entire PC didn't crash, giving me horizontal lines normally grey and dark grey in color) was that my graphics card had stopped responding (or something to that effect). But, it was all behind me, and that was that... until almost a month ago, when I decided to start the Witcher series. After I started playing Witcher 1, those crashes came back with a vengeance. Now not only does it crash when playing Witcher (Enhanced Edition), but it crashes when playing pretty much any other game for longer than 30 minutes or so (sometimes I can play for a few hours, sometimes I can only play 10 to 30 minutes). I figured it was a problem related to overheating at first, so I checked, and found my GPU runs at about 60-65 degrees Celsius when playing Witcher 1 - this has been consistent since I got the card, even when I fixed the crashes the first time. So, I reinstalled my drivers, and for about 15 hours into Witcher 1 it worked, until now I get even more frequent crashes in and out of Witcher. I'm in no way blaming Witcher, for anyone wondering - I believe it probably has to do with the drivers messing up, but since I've already reinstalled them, I'm not sure exactly what I can do. I can't really afford another graphics card (Recently buying the entire Witcher franchise, using up my savings and whatnot), so I'm really hoping it's a software or driver issue here.