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Where & what is AMD's response to Fast Sync?

Question asked by assiduous on May 24, 2016

True triple buffering (alternate render to two back buffers, display last complete (no-tear) frame) has long been on the wish list of those knowledgeable enough to understand the benefits - Triple Buffering: Why We Love It . Nvidia has finally brought this to their driver set under the fancy marketing label of Fast Sync. This is a big deal - G-Sync and Free Sync is still an expensive proposition for many gamers - true triple buffering delivers an 80% solution at zero additional cost via software. AMD needs to respond... will AMD be bringing their own triple buffering option for DirectX? (as OpenGL apparently always supported it) or does AMD want to go one up on Nvidia by bringing something like Hyperformance as well... Suggestion: AMD buy Virtu MVP Virtual V-Sync and Hyperformance Technology from Lucid


For an overview of Fast Sync see here... What is NVIDIA Fast Sync? - YouTube


AMD has answered with Enhanced Sync. I look forward to support being extended to all GCN models.