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    Sapphire Nitro Fury and Flickering in YouTube player window..


      Heres a sample of what I go through every time I watch a youtube video..  I've uninstalled and reinstalled firefox, tried the 32bit and 64bit version, uninstalled flash player and reinstalled, doesnt matter it still does it.. Also does it in Microsoft Edge.  I've spent hours messing with this trying to resolve it, doesnt matter.. I have tried any various amd crimson driver, uninstalling the gpu and running anything else I own solves the issue.. It does not do it with the onboard intel graphics, my hd6850 or r9-290..  It has done this since I bought the gpu a few months ago..   It doesnt matter if anything is overclocked or not, still does it..  I've also disabled hardware acceleration in browser and it has no effect.


      Intel I5-6600k@4.4ghz.

      Gigabyte Ga-z170x-Gaming 5

      16 gig gskill ddr4-3000

      Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury @ stock speeds, 1020/500

      Samsung 850evo 256gig m.2 drive for OS, Windows 10 Professional.

      Mushkin eco3 480gig ssd drive for game storage.

      Nzxt s340 case

      Cryorig H5u cpu cooler

      2 Noctua 140mm PWM intake fans

      1 noctua 120mm pwm rear exhaust fan

      1 Noctua 140mm pwm top exhaust fan.



      Sapphire Fury Flickering in YouTube player window #1 - YouTube


      Sapphire Nitro fury Flickering youtube player window 2 - YouTube


      sapphire Nitro fury Flickering in YouTube player window #3 - YouTube