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World of Tanks DirectX 11 CrossFire driver?

Question asked by the_mard on May 23, 2016



So World of Tanks 9.15 patch will include a new game engine (CoreEngine 3.0) which brings better Multi-threaded optimizations (BigWorld Client Engine 2.0 used three threads where-as CoreEngine 3.0 I've seen use up to six threads) and DirectX 11 API which works fantastic... I was wondering if AMD has plans to release an updated driver for ensured compatibility and maybe even CrossFire support? From the early tests I did with a friend on his rig the generic 0x080000F5 DX1x SLI compatibility bits seems to scale perfectly and he never noticed any artifacts so technically AMD CF should be able to work without artifacts too.


I mainly ask as Nvidia seems to have put out a new driver today 368.22 which has updated game ready support for World of Tanks 9.15 patch (CoreEngine 3.0 support).