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    295x2 Core Downclocking in VR and other games,  why?  (not temperature)


      When monitoring my 295x2 in many games and in steam VR (on my htc vive) often times the GPU core clock will constantly change, but will always be well below the stock core clock (1040mhz)  even if i run overdrive/OC the GPU,  it will still fluctuate from 650-980mhz while under-load.    Im monitoring the GPU with either Afterburner or GPU-Z ,  both will show the same result / situation occurring.  This occurs in other games as well, not just VR


      Why does it do this? Im loosing quite a bit of performance due to this.


      This is 100% not a temperature / overheat down-clock (I do know the max temp / temp for thermal throttle/downclock on the 295x2 is 75c), but this occurs when running steam VR and the temps are 55-65c under load!


      There are times when this does not happen and the core clock will stay pinned to 1040mhz (very rare though)


      It does not seem to be OS or driver related as ive seen it occur with Win7 , Win 8.1 and Win 10.   As well as with new and older AMD drivers.(going back over a year)


      However when i play battlefield (with crossfire on) the GPU core will mostly stay pegged at 1040mhz (the speed it should always be at under load), but it will briefly dip to 300mhz every 4-5 minutes causing a huge drop in FPS and a very distracting gaming experience (ie the FPS will go from the normal/constant 80 fps down to ~20 fps for about 3-10 seconds when the core is dropping to 300mhz)


      Why does this happen and is there anything i can do about it or fix it?


      i7-4960 6-core , 32gb Ram,  750 pcie SSD (boot and main drive), RivBE MB