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    PCI-E Power Adapters




      I have recently added a 2nd 7950 graphics card to my system which I plan to run in X-Fire mode and I don't have enough PCI-E power connectors.


      Each card requires 2 PCI-E power connectors and I planned to use a Molex to PCI-E adapter for one of the cards and a SATA to PCI-E adaptor for the other. I have read all sorts of horror stories about computers bursting into flames when you use these adapters so I am now concerned about using them.


      Can anyone advise how this can be done as I have not seen any power supplies that have 4 x PCI 6 pin power connectors so how can it be done?



      Thank you

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          It is highly advisable to use a high quality power supply with anough power to run crossfire of itself, molex/sata adapters are very unreliable. Can you post your full system specifications so we can advise you on a appropriate power supply? The following psu's should run your config (as long as you dont run an OC fx9590 or something) just fine in most cases;


          be quiet! Pure Power 9 700W CM

          Corsair RM750x

          Corsair CS750M


          But posting your full specs might point out that you can save a bit..