AMD Zen to be equivelent to Intel Broadwell, "just a smidgen" behind Skylake

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AMD : Zen Competes With Intel On Performance, Specs & Features Not Just Price - Launching Later This Year




The desktop FX CPUs allegedly feature a 95W TDP and eight high performance Zen cores with multi-threading for a total of 16 threads. Zen is said to have extremely competitive single threaded performance according to engineers with knowledge of the chip. Citing more instructions per clock than Intel’s Broadwell and just a smidgen behind Skylake. The 95W TDP if accurate indicates that indeed we’re looking at a very power efficient design. In contrast, Intel’s eight core i7 5960X is rated at 140 watts but then again we’re comparing a 14nm FinFET product with a 22nm chip so a delta is to be expected.

AMD’s plan, our sources tell us, is to price high core count parts very competitively. Undercutting Intel’s mainstream CPUs by offering more cores with competitive – Broadwell level – single threaded performance at Intel’s mainstream i5 and quadcore i7 price points. Essentially offering Haswell-E / Broadwell-E comparable parts in the mainstream $400-$150 segment. A space that’s currently occupied by Intel’s mainstream quadcore I7, i5 and dual core i3 CPUs .


This is possible because we’re told the Zen core itself is very area and power efficient. So AMD can build high core count chips that are still small, with good yields and at reasonable cost. Imagine an eight core Haswell-E equivalent chip the size of a Carrizo APU. We’re set to see a CPU price war take place later this year like we haven’t for nearly a decade.


Sounds good to me. Nobody was expecting AMD to jump ahead of Intel after a decade of lagging behind. AMD may still technically be considered the "value" brand since they won't top Skylake, but if you get equivalent or better performance from model to model, it's going to indeed start a CPU price war, and everyone is going to win, except Intel, who have ridden high with high profits due to no competitor.