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BSOD "Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver" RSOD

Question asked by sturenorth on May 23, 2016

I´m boiling!

Every crimson driver makes my system BSOD and even RSOD (Red screen of death). And as of now I´m even getting RSODS and I can´t even prevent win 10 installing this crappy software. I have tried every godamn trick to get a reading on what´s failing, even looked if it´s Cpu, mem, MoBo related but I only get pointed at AMD related. Installing older driver software does prevent the frequency of the BSODS and RSODS but only by hours. I´m not here so much for further error search as I just want to add to the list of BSODERS so that AMD might look into this issue. I am going to declare this card dead and return it and go for the competition. This is the second card I´ve returned in less than a year. my 290 was DOA and got this in return.