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    FX-9590 freezing. Please help


      I just built a new computer and once I fired it up it continued to freeze. Swapped out all parts for parts in my old pc that i know work and finally came to the conclusion its the CPU. It will freeze doing almost anything. Sometimes its when I'm starting a game or sometimes just idle. I'm able to reproduce somewhat regularly by just running prime95 and it'll freeze at some point running it within the first 5-10 minutes. exchanged the 9590 for another new one and same problem. I'm lost at what to do at this point. I've tried some of the suggestions on here for changing stuff in bios but i couldn't get it all done as I'm not too savey with overclocking/changing stuff in bios. I don't know if i should try and exchange this one also if i even can at this point or if i'm doing something wrong. I'm extremely frustrated right now.


      Its a FX-9590 black on a asus 970 pro aura.

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          Did you have chance to fix it? I have the same problem.. I was thinking that is the cooler, but the temperature is not to much high that others, mine is 52C. I will try to make something today and I will tell you.

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            What is your CPU cooler and power supply? The FX-9000 series require liquid cooling and up to 220w of power just by itself.

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              Hey, thrasher529, I found this video, did you try it?

              FX 9590 Freezing Problem Fix - YouTube


              I wil try tonight, I will tell you how is going...

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                  Yeah I've tried that as well as some other stuff people have suggested in other threads. When I turn that off and run prime95 cores decide to fail at least 2 every time.

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                      I found it, could you try? and let me know how is going?




                      The solution was very simple. Someone in this thread had it head on, well done "JOOK-D". Disable the C1 C6 states in the CPU settings in the BIOS, it stops freezing! You can play like a king as you deserve it, after all the suffering.

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                          Ive also tried that. Didn't work for me but maybe you'll have better luck. If I can't get it working tonight or tomorrow I'm going to be returning and buying an Intel i5 6600k

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                              There are numerous threads here on FX-9590 freezing, which cover almost all common issues with FX-9000 series CPUs freezing from an improper mobo model not designed to support the FX-9000 series CPUs to heating issues and even RAM problems. If after doing a thorough check of all the normal FX-9000 series parameters and conditions, without any obvious issues you might need to resort to manually fine tuning of the BIOS settings as some mobos do not function well on "auto" BIOS settings for high powered  FX-9590 or even FX-8000 series CPUs. Below are the settings that I and many other FX-8000 / FX-9000 CPU users have found successful for overclocking use. They also work for non-overclock use IME. These settings however are not a substitute for other issues such as overheating, DRAM, vcore instability, etc.


                              BTW, AMD recommends a minimum 600w PSU for the FX-9000 series CPUs. I recommend a minimum 650w PSU from a reputable source that can deliver at least 54 amps. on the 12v rail as the 12v rail provides the majority of power for the CPU and GPU if you have a mid-range or higher GPU card. Obviously if you have a dual GPU card or multiple GPU cards then you may need an 850w or larger PSU. There are numerous online PSU calculators that can objectively and fairly accurately narrow the PSU power required if you input the correct info.



                              This is what I would recommend:


                              1. Disable C6, C1E and Cool & Quiet - this will NOT hurt anything, they are just power saving modes

                              2. Manually set the CPU to the specified default vcore shown for your specific CPU in the BIOS

                              3. Manually set the DRAM timings listed on the DIMMs - assuming the DIMMs were purchased as ONE DIMM Kit and NOT two individual DIMMs or multiple DIMM kits. If bought as two independent DIMMs or DIMM Kits you likely will need slower timings to prevent DRAM issues. (Rum Memtest86+ overnight to check DRAM)

                              4. If the DIMMs are 1.5v increase the voltage to 1.55v

                              5. Set CPU NB to 1.25v and HT to 1.25v-1.28v

                              6. Set Hyper transport frequency to 2600 MHz.

                              7. Set Northbridge frequency to 2400 MHz.

                              Run the system in Manual mode - NOT "auto" mode and set the CPU multiplier to the correct multiplier using 200 MHz. as the FSB frequency, i.e. a 4 GHz. CPU requires the multiplier"20". 20 x 200 MHz. = 4 GHz.


                              There are no guarantees but these settings have fixed many an FX 8-core CPU stability problems.


                              None of these settings are crazy nor should they cause any issues with your PC. I and other folks have run these settings for years without issue on many different brands and models of mobos using FX 8-core CPUs. You may need to play around with the vcore power stability settings(LLC or similar BIOS vcore terminology), when in manual mode to insure the vcore voltage stay close to what you have set it in the BIOS when under heavy load. Applets like OCCT or similar that will record the CPU temp/vcore/frequency under heavy loads like P95 stress testing are very helpful in fixing operational problems


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                                I made the steps of the video from youtube that I shared with you, about the turbo core "disable", and it is working fine (for the moment), I need to monitor it, more time.


                                Yesterday I was working very hard modeling on 3D Using Inventor, and AutoCAD at same time. And the freezing happened some times. Maybe I need the same scenario  to know if it will be work on reality.















                                and at this moment is working fine

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                                    I'm probably returning mine today. I've tried every step in every post I can find and it still won't run without freezing. It usually freezes within the first 2-5 minutes of prime95 running. i put my old CPU in this rig just to test and I had prime95 running for 6 hours before I shut it off and again for 10 hours before I shut it off. Not one freeze not one error. Call me crazy but we shouldn't have to go through any of this buying a CPU out of the box.

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                            blame me if im wrong but after checking asus i found this

                            Build in AMD AM3+ FX™/Phenom™ II/Athlon™ II/Sempron™ 100 Series Processors

                            Supports AM3+ 32 nm CPU

                            Supports CPU up to 125 W

                            AMD Cool 'n' Quiet™ Technology

                            for your board ?

                            Asus 970 Pro Aura


                            i guess you need atleast one from the 990FX series for a cpu like that

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                              I got the same problem with my new FX9590: freezing randomly, at any time, even while starting the computer, whatching video and specially when high CPU workload (games) and it was impossible to play any games.

                              I checked the (high, specially for VRM) temperatures and tried with more and better ventilation on the computer case plus a powerful liquid cooler (Corsair H100i). That fixed the high temperature problems, but did not help at all with the freezings, that were still happening at the same unexpected time and frequency.

                              I tried replacing the CPU (and only the CPU) to my old Athlon X II and it was working perfetly under any conditions: not even one single freeze for weeks, using the same programs.. I arrived to the conclussion it must be a CPU problem and was going to ask for a replacement when I found a comment in Tom's hardware that the 9590 requires up to 40 or maybe 50 ampers in +12V1 output from my PSU.. I checked my 750W PSU and found it was delivering just 25.. so went for a lucky shot and bought a NOX Urano TX 1050.. and that fixed the problem! I have not had even one single freeze since I installed the proper PSU. Lesson learnt: do not pay attention just to the overall PSU power, but to the specific requirements from every power channel connected to the motherboard.


                              By the way: I tried with everything (EVERYTHING!) recommended to be setup in the BIOS, checked BIOS version, checked compatibility of my RAM modules, played with the combinations of RAM modules, run test programs to check stability (no failures identified), disconnected all non necessary devices from the computer, tried every single trick I found on internet with the result: nothing.

                              Now I have setup the BIOS to default and chosen high performance combination form the three options available, and no problems at all.

                              My computer is made of:

                                   AMD FX9590

                                   Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0

                                   MSI Radeon R9 390 Gaming 8G

                                   4x8Gb RAM Kingston HyperX (two HX324C11T3K2/16) DDR3-2400 CL11 240

                                   SSD Kingston 120Gb SATA

                                   HD Kingston 750Gb SATA

                                   PSU NOX Urano TX 1050

                                   Corsair H100i v2

                                   Case NOX ZX Coolbay

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                                  It's good to hear that you have a properly functioning FX-9590.

                                  As noted in my post above and in at least (10) other "FX-9590 Freezing" threads here, the PSU must deliver 54 amps. or more on the 12V rail as the FX-9000 series CPUs are 220w CPUs vs. 125w  for standard FX CPUs.

                                  The way this forum is built, it displays relevant threads when someone posts a question. Reading the "FX-9590 Freezing" threads here covers all of the known issues and solutions for 8-core FX CPUs. A little time invested in reading these threads can resolve most any FX CPU issues. That's why the website lists these threads when someone posts a question that has already been answered many times.