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    asus r5 230 support for 3 display


      Hi all,

      I bought the following video card:

      ASUS - Radeon R5 230 2 GB DDR3 Pci-E DVI / HDMI / VGA


      I bought this card because I need to extend my windows desktop on 3 display.

      Reading specifications on http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/desktop/r5 it seems that the card support 3 display.




      So, I tried the following configuration:

      Display #1 - SAMSUNG SyncMaster 930BF -> HDMI port (DVI adapter)

      Display #2 - SAMSUNG SyncMaster 930BF -> DVI port

      Display #3 - LG W1934S -> VGA port


      But windows let me use only 2 display.

      For example:

      I have windows desktop extended on display 1 and 2, display 3 is not active.

      If I try to enable display 3, windows automatically disable display 1 or 2.

      The same problem occours if I try to enable eyefinity from AMD Catalyst driver.


      So, why I cannot use 3 display? what am I doing wrong?


      My hardware configuration is:

      Asus Rampage II Extreme

      Intel i7 920

      12 GB DDR3

      Windows 7 Professional ITA


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: asus r5 230 support for 3 display

          There are two different types of R5 230, one with a DisplayPort connection as seen in the one in the picture on amd.com which supports three displays. The other type has a DVI/HDMI/VGA connection and supports a maximum of two display connections. This is due to a limitation on Radeon GPUs which can only support a maximum of two passive (HDMI/DVI/VGA) display connections and the third display and beyond must use a native displayport connection, or an active adapter.