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dxtory Problems with actual driver

Question asked by pc_archangel on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by freerunnerx10

Hi there,

I am using the actual driver 16.5.2 and now I come across the same problem as back in the day, when driver 13.X gone up to 14.X.

Recording with Dxtory gets massive framedrops when recording (for example Minecraft).

I use win10 now. Just in case stupid questions turn up. Yes I used different codex. Switched to high performance. Newest version of dxtory or other drivers did not chance anything.
Why I am not using Cuz it doesnt work. Raptr is somehow still in the code and does block it. When I push the recordbutton, only 00:00:00 appears and nothing happens.

Yes the computer is on!

It's a amd driver problem. It's the same problem like back in the day.
Is there a solution to roll back for a win10 pc to a version that works?




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