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There is still the same crash issue with catalyst driver 15.11.1 (msi r9 380 4g) as with the newest drivers!

Question asked by karassio on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by oulock


intel core i5 6500

msi r9 380 4g

main board: gigabyte B150M-D3H

RAM: crucial Ballistix 2x 4GB DDR4 - (2400 UDIMM 1.2V CL16)

harddrive: -Seagate 1TB

  -Samsung SSD 250 GB ( 850-EVO)

power adapter: cooler master G450M




so my Problem is the already discussed, driver hard crash issue with the r9 380 4g.

In the post the problem was fixed by installing the older catalyst 15.11.1 driver.

i have the exact same hard crash issue as described in the previous post and it also first appeared in dark souls 3.

However i could fix the issue by appliyng the lowest or mid default graphic settings in the options.

In other games such as borderlands 2, Battlefield bad company 2 or skyrim, the hard crash did not appear with the newest dirvers applied, at all.

But i recently installed witcher 3 and now the same crash issue appeares in play too.

I can still reduce the number of times the game hard crashes, again by adjusting lower settings but the crashes do not disappear entirely.


So i came to the previos mentioned post and installed the older drivers 15.11.1 a little while ago,

but the hard crash still appears and thats the general problem  i have right now!


I need a little bit of help and i hope i will get it here, since it seems that i am the first one posting that the crash appears in the older drivers, at least at my system, too ...



Edit: maybe its not helpfull changing anything, but at witcher 3 the crash appears when im fast entering a bigger combat such as a pack of thieves.

        and in dark souls 3 too it appeared to crash (on high settings) too if im entering a major hectical crowd of enemies where the camera perspective switches very fastly,

        and you're fast dodging or running from on side to the other or enterily escaping the scene for not to be killed. In my opinion it always happened in tough combat situations.

        I hope this will get you further in solving the problems.




    I really hope you'll find out what it is.

    and thanks for reading my post, it's the first one