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I have lost sound on my computer since upgrading to the new drivers that were released. I eventually have to restart my pc for it to come back. This is getting annoying, the sound could be working and then all of a sudden i have lost all sound when i turn

Question asked by derpingbuddha on May 21, 2016

I have tried doing a clean uninstall/reinstall for the crimson drivers. I have uninstalled the drivers that came with the motherboard vice versa, Nothing has worked. This is becoming very annoying and it only seemed to have started when using my 29" inch LG monitor using either hdmi/displayport cable. I have left the green cable in but that does not help at all.


EDIT: I just lost sound this morning, so as of now, I have set my audio to go through the audio cable instead of the displayport cable so I don't have to restart all the time.