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    Fallout 4 Complete System crash


      Not crash to desktop.Complete an total system shut down.No mods Deleted Fallout 4 folder in Documents.So no alterations.The game crashes after 2 minutes.Graphics card heats up.Shuts down at low temps.System

      Windows 7 64bit

      FX 9370 / R9 390  <-- That is important.

      Driver non-whql-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.4.2-win10-win8.1-win7-apr20 Complete crash

      non-whql-64bit-radeon-software-crimson- Complete crash (Higher performance by the way)

      In Windows 10.No noticed damage.However in Windows 10 no performance increase.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.


      Just installed Catalyst 15.12 an it crashed on Windows 10 version.It`s just crashing.Starting to think its the graphics card Overheating.OK after running a few test.I have found that Fallout 4 IS causing an overheating issue.The issue more comes from the graphics card setting.The Radeon R9 390 OVERHEATS at 57c.This is an issue.Please address this.Find the cause an fix it please.This test also came into play when playing Skyrim as well.In The Elder Scrolls Skyrim temps climed from 44 to 53.An i experienced Stuttering an a crash.This was modded.Yet before hand this was not an issue.So there is something in your developed driver causing this issue.


      [Solved Issue]

      OK apparently after using Vivid textures landscapes an any other mods that cover over other mods.

      Now causes a complete system crash.This does not include.Going over 60fps on a 144Hz Monitor.

      This also causes a complete system crash.Diabing iPresentInterval=1 also causes this crash.

      So basically you cant go over 60fps or you cant use your computer.So you have to manually go to

      drivers an set it to 60Hz or experience a complete system shut down.

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          What is your power supply?

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              Yeah im gonna make it clear right now.it has nothing to do with my system.It`s the game itself.The game is broken an not Optimized.My character was level 41 an it just started doing this.An i want to add.This is not the first time this has happened.It happened during the release of the game 5 months ago.An no records show has ever proven it to be a power supply issue or any person's system.Its the game.But it should be able to be fixed through the Catalyst or Crimson driver now.Which before this was not an issue.


              As i stated.It just randomly started happening.Temps in game would start to climb from starting 48c on the Radeon R9 390 OC edition.from 48c to 49,50 51 52 53 i am watching it the whole time.Not touching the keyboard.An climbing.56,57 then complete system shut down.The motherboard lights are still on an so are my keyboard LED lights.You cannot turn the computer on an it will not start unless you unplug the computer Drain the power then plug it back in.Which that is clearly a sign of a PROGRAM turning off the computer.This means the safety level for the system must be set to a very sensitive level level temps of the GPU hitting 58 will cause an automatic shut down.


              So we are looking at the graphics card driver doing this.So there you go.

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              Since fallout 4 is out, I keep crasghing with my R9 380.


              Tried everything (temperature check, downgrades of drivers, re-install, updated everything, checked my disk, checked the power supply 600W, checked my RAM which is new) and I keep totally freezing or black screenwith "no signal".


              And it's like this for months.

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                  Yeah i am going back an forth between Windows 10 an Windows 7 to see what the problem is.Its looking like its the graphics driver an a over abuse of things in game.The game is just doing something wrong.If i use a mod.The game reacts to it.Chances are no mods can be used due to something being changed.Yet they work.However.Without mods an nothing installed.Its still crashing.Everything you did I did too.Hope Bethesda is reading this.

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                  Fallout 4, on AMD video cards, is a mess... A disaster. Bugs, crashes, bad textures, rainbow surfaces, poor performance...