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Ever since upgrading to Crimson I can no longer enable Crossfire.

Question asked by rikans087 on May 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by pgetueza

So I just upgraded to Radeon Crimson display driver today.


I have a R9 295x GPU.


I opened the settings and checked all my game profiles and nowhere can I find the crossfire enabler toggle. I also checked "additional radeon settings" under preferences and all that is there is Eyefinity settings. There are no power efficiency settings there either (there used to be).


I have tried a a few things: I wiped all AMD driver and did a fresh install. Nothing. I wiped all AMD drivers and reverted back to the previous driver (16.5.1). Nothing and now the old version does not have a crossfire toggle either.


I am at a loss and could use some help.