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Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim Jabba's Palace Graphics Corruption

Question asked by clay917 on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by clay917

Hi. I just bought the season pass to Star Wars battlefront and I'm playing the new expansion outer rim. I play the mixed mode where you go to different maps and modes all the time. So all the maps except 1 is good. That's Jabba's Palace. The floor is tiled and raised in spots, lower in others but always checkered in like the halls and I've seen it on the outside portion of the map as well.The map stutters really bad, low fps. Its unplayable.One other outer rim map Jabba's Garage the smoke kinda flickers but the game runs fine. Others in the EA forums have the same problem on AMD cards. I have 2 7970's crossfired. I read a post from EA this guy had 2 7950's with the same problem. He said it was still there with just 1 card running. Another post i read on the EA forums was the same problem on one r9 280x. So i hope this isn't an older card issue that won't be addressed because Star Wars Battlefront runs great on two 7970's.I'm new at forum posts so any help would be appreciated.The minimum requirements for Star Wars Battlefront posted on origin amd specs is a 7850 2GB. Recommended is a r9 290 4GB.


My Specs:2 gigabyte 7970's

Intel 2600k @4ghz

16 G Crucial Ram @1333

Samsung 500gb 850 EVO w/Windows 10 and SW Battlefront installed

Crimson 16.5.2 installed.