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    Graphics driver Suport for Ubuntu16.04 not Available?


      Since i have been AMD fan for a long time and i also Run a Linux Operating System ,Since i have recently installed UBUNTU 16.04 i am Questioning why there is no  graphics driver Available to install on my new UBUNTU 16.04 I have a XFX R9 390x that i love but Linux wont hardly use or recognize my GPU and Cant Play Games like i could in Previous versions of UBUNTU it wont even let me compile and install my own driver.....

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          I think Ubuntu should have Direct X12 with the newest driver available because Linux Is Used allot more now days for everything I do, If i had the Catalyst Drivers i could play games on my Ubuntu... Support Us Linux Users Because we support You.... I Just Payed $400 for a graphics card that wont play Games in my UBUNTU 16.04 and something needs to Be done About it........

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              I am running Ubuntu 16.04LTS with the following driver fine. I have a Pair of R9 Nano and Z87 with i74770K.

              AMDGPU-PRO Driver 16.60

              AMDGPU-PRO Driver for Linux Release Notes


              I am getting good performance on Heaven Benchmark.

              Steam is running Hitman and Dirt Rally really well with this new Driver as well.


              Granted many games are not ported to Linux.

              To resolve this I am attempting to set up GPU Passthrough to a Windows 10 installation on a Virtual Machine.
              Once I have that done I will hopefully be able to run Steam from within Windows 10 inside Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

              However from what I have seen so far this solution required 1 GPU for Ubuntu and another for the Virtual Machine pass through.


              For MultiGPU on Ubuntu we would need Vulkan to support that, once/if that is implented then you will use both your GPU's


              Please try the above driver out and let me know what you think.