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    project cars crash in crossfire R9 290.


      Really hoping some one can help me, I cant used any driver newer than 15.7 .1 without project cars crashing. If i dissabel crossfire its ok, but down to 30fps, I get a steady 60fps with crossfire on and 15.71 but anything newer and it wont play at all. I have treid clean uninstall of drivers with the tool and even reinstalled windows but still the same problem.


      Somtimes crash requires reboot somtimes crashes to windows, when doing to windows I get Unhandled exception trapped.

      EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION AT 0x40de659b .... 0x00000000

      Build SMSARI.20160222.1182.BLDA000

      System is P67 sabertooth with i5 and 2 x r290.


      BF4 DCS dirt rally and LFS are all ok with all driver crossfire or not, just project cars that is the problem.


      I love Project cars but newer games I might get (Doom) require the newer drivers making Project cars unplayable.


      Anything I can post , include to help please ask.