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R9 390 crashes every time and fps drops

Question asked by zorka on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by warsun

Hi everyone!

I come here because i'm really fed up of my graphic card that crashes 20 times a day... I had amd card before and never had issues and i'm really disapointed right now. If only I bought a nvidia, actually i could play watch movies/series, surf on internet instead of righting here... I searched a solution from 2 week now that's why I really count on you to solve these problems (yes I've not only got one...)


First, here is my config :

CPU : fx 6350 black edition (with water cooler, the nepton 120xl from cooler master)

MotherBoard : MSI 970 Gaming

RAM : Kingston HyperX 4go 1600mhz (X3)

GPU : Sapphire r9 390 nitro oc

PSU : Corsair cx600


And now, my problems:

At the begining with a driver ver. 15.x, on desktop, internet or in games (that crashed), I got a message that said something like "display driver stopped responding and has recovered".

Since, I updated my driver (I tested several of them, right now I'm using the last one (, and now instead of display the message, I have a black screen and I need to reboot my computer. And it happens several times a day (sometimes 2/3 times in a row in not even 5 minutes...)

And when I have some kind of stability (that happens sometimes even if it's usually not for long), in games I've got big fps drops (dropping from 60-70 fps to barely 30 fps)


What I tried :

First I verify my cabling, then disabled the ULPS, disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome, tried with and without overclock, using the two bios of my GC but nothing changes... I begin to despair...


I would be soooooo grateful if someone can help me