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    Intel IGP breaks ZeroCore Power?




      if I connect 2 displays using active miniDP adapters to my HD7970 under Windows 7 x64, ZeroCore Power works fine. However, if I connect another display to my Intel Skylake IGP (P530), ZCP does not work any longer. It makes no difference whether the display is connected over DVI, HDMI or DP. However, if I connect the display to the HD7970 as 3rd display, ZCP is working fine again.


      How can that be? In Windows 8.1 Pro, there is no such issue, ZCP even works when 4 displays are used (2 connected to HD7970 and 2 to the IGP). What can I do to solve this issue in WIndows 7? Up-to-date drivers are installed, it's a fresh Win 7 install and also the BIOS is up-to-date.


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