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    390x dvi issue


      i just switched my 2x 770s SLI for a 390x and run my games on 55 inch tv and 24 inch monitor.


      i used duplicate to play games on my tv and extended mode to play movies and shows while playing on my monitor.


      i had zero issues with my 770s, since day 1 of my 390x i cant duplicate my screens, crimson's eyeinfinity does not offer duplicate screens in their options.


      i did the window key + p and everything works exept duplicate, it does nothing.


      to add to my problems whenever i open a new game my resolution is stuck to 1024 x 800 something.


      the issue im sure is with the radeon settings and eyeinfinity, ive screwed around with their many options and got to duplicate my screens but it never saves and when i shut down everything


      is to be redone.


      what was weird was when i first set up my card my monitor resolution was stuck at 640 x 400 something.


      After all the above happened i reformatted completely now the only thing i havent tried is changing my DVI cable but i dont understand how it could be the issue since i can still get an image


      although stuck in 640p.


      having again unistalled everything in safe mode i tried having only DVI cable in my gpu but no image whatsoever appears untill i put in my second screen with HDMI.


      now im just using my monitor with hdmi, but there isnt a second hdmi on this card. i dont want to resort to using my integrated gpu cause when my kids watch movies on my tv i cant game


      on my monitor using the integrated gpu.


      if no one can shed light on this **** show of a GPU im going to sell it and get me a 1070.


      my components shouldnt be a problem, had this settup for 3 years, 4670k, 3.4gb i5, 850w psu, 16gb ram.



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          Sorry you seem to be having so many issues, I'd like to help. Please provide more information about your system in the format style below.



          I'd like to know the make and model of each display, What OS you are using, what the make and model of the GPU is, etc.

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              AMD R9 390x

              desktop windows 10 64 bit

              driver installed (tried them all) crimson

              55' LG 1080p @60hz LCD TV plugged in card HDMI port

              ASUS 24' 1080p @60hz LCD monitor plugged in motherboard HDMI using IGPU, DVI does not work at higher than 640p resolution. i tried another DVI cable, not the issue.

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                  What is the make of the 390x?


                  What is the model name/number of both the displays?


                  If you have just the DVI display connected to the 390X are you able to get a display? If not, please try the second DVI port on the 390X.

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                      MSI OC edition.

                      monitor model no. vs247

                      tv model no. 55LN5310-UB

                      i currently get zero display signal in either DVI port. if i connect TV to hdmi and monitor to DVI the only resolution i get is 640p, the setting is greyed out in display options.

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                          Trust me, you are not alone here man. I got 2 xfx r9 390s in crossfire and i regret buying them because of amd drivers ruining everything. Im also thinking of going with a GTX 1080. I get flickering and black screens (no signal ) on my 4k sony UHD tv. Using a display port 1.2 to hdmi 2.0 certified. I have been having these problems since crimson came out and still havent fixed it yet. This is embarrassing because they sell their cards and we consumers thinking we are gonna have a good experience, then boom real life hits you in the A&& and Nvidia starts to push out their drivers only once, unlike AMD they have to push about 15 drivers in a month period....

                          to give u some advice the dvi is broken on the r9 390s and i have researched it when i first bought the card and i have problems with it in the beginning of Crimson drivers. Either wait for a better driver or sell your r9 390 and buy the 1070 or 1080. A single 1080 surpasses the new polaris cards even if they are in crossfire LOL. so yeah this year is not turning out of what i expected with AMD and instead of improving they are rushing stuff out and failing doing so.

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                            Thanks. Are you able to get the full 1080P HDMI resolution with just your TV connected? But it turns to 640P with the DVI display connected? You can adjust the resolution via Window Display Properties.


                            Can you download MSI Live Update tool from the following link and check to see if MSI has any Bios updates available for your GPU?

                            https://uk.msi.com/Graphics-card/support/R9-390X-GAMING-8G.html#down-utility&Win10 64

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                      Do these settings make any difference?