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390x dvi issue

Question asked by nickm30 on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by amdmatt

i just switched my 2x 770s SLI for a 390x and run my games on 55 inch tv and 24 inch monitor.


i used duplicate to play games on my tv and extended mode to play movies and shows while playing on my monitor.


i had zero issues with my 770s, since day 1 of my 390x i cant duplicate my screens, crimson's eyeinfinity does not offer duplicate screens in their options.


i did the window key + p and everything works exept duplicate, it does nothing.


to add to my problems whenever i open a new game my resolution is stuck to 1024 x 800 something.


the issue im sure is with the radeon settings and eyeinfinity, ive screwed around with their many options and got to duplicate my screens but it never saves and when i shut down everything


is to be redone.


what was weird was when i first set up my card my monitor resolution was stuck at 640 x 400 something.


After all the above happened i reformatted completely now the only thing i havent tried is changing my DVI cable but i dont understand how it could be the issue since i can still get an image


although stuck in 640p.


having again unistalled everything in safe mode i tried having only DVI cable in my gpu but no image whatsoever appears untill i put in my second screen with HDMI.


now im just using my monitor with hdmi, but there isnt a second hdmi on this card. i dont want to resort to using my integrated gpu cause when my kids watch movies on my tv i cant game


on my monitor using the integrated gpu.


if no one can shed light on this **** show of a GPU im going to sell it and get me a 1070.


my components shouldnt be a problem, had this settup for 3 years, 4670k, 3.4gb i5, 850w psu, 16gb ram.